A Brief History of the Bulgari Serpenti

A Brief History of the Bulgari Serpenti
December 19, 2018 Yafa Signed Jewels
BULGARI Triple Twist Tubogas Watch

Bulgari’s Iconic Serpenti

BULGARI Diamond White & Black Enamel WatchBulgari is a world-renown jewelry and watch brand that has been setting the bar and designing highly desirable, collectible pieces for decades.  Their luxurious pieces are highly sought after and their vintage pieces are often an investment that provides a significant return.  Every successful brand has a well-known logo, graphics or typography for which they are famous and the Bulgari Serpenti is no exception.  The Bulgari Serpenti collection is a jewelry collection that Bulgari first began producing in the 1940s and is still in existence today.  Bulgari describes just what the Serpenti collection means to them, “Coiled around a history of humanity, the seductive serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A motif representing wisdom, vitality, and seduction. A charming Bulgari jewelry collection.”

BULGARI Diamond & Ruby Serpenti Gold BraceletBulgari Serpenti Origins

The history of the Bulgari Serpenti begins in the 1940s when the already chic brand released a new line that exudes refinement and innovation – the Serpenti collection.  The Serpenti collection began with a watch that mimicked the look of a snake coiled around someone’s wrist.  But, rather than looking frightening, it looked elegant and unique. 

The Serpenti design aesthetic became quite popular and some would even say it had a hypnotic seduction quality – much like a snake or serpent. Forbes describes how the iconic Bulgari Serpenti watch came to be, “It was in the 1940s when Bulgari produced its most iconic women’s watch, the Serpenti. The company also introduced a jewelry-making technique that gave this watch its identity and has since been used for other Bulgari timepieces: the Tubogas goldsmith technique. The bracelet is formed by long bands of gold or steel wrapped horizontally around a long, flexible steel tube. As they are coiled, the rounded contours of the bands interlock to conceal the inner structure. This is done without soldering. The flexibility of the coiled bands is what gives the Tubogas its characteristic bounce, bringing the sleek, sensual snake to life.”

BULGARI Triple Twist Tubogas WatchThe Bulgari Serpenti Then & Now

The Bulgari Serpenti collection has evolved over the years to include watches, bracelets, rings, bags, and more.  The Serpenti line was instantly popular but became far more so throughout the 1960s as the line received more attention from celebrities and the press.  Today, the Serpenti collection remains a brand staple and a highly sought-after collector’s item. 

The Bulgari Serpenti collection has always remained true to its roots with its characteristic serpent always present in the design but the design has also evolved over the years to suit changes is aesthetics and styles.  Forbes explains how the Bulgari Serpenti collection has not only had great success in the past but remains popular today, “’Serpenti has crossed the decades without losing its powerful appeal,’ he said. ‘From unique pieces until the ’60’s, each Serpenti was a unique creation. Since we relaunched it in a very contemporary expression (the Serpenti collection in 2010), it has shown that the symbol and the sign were as strong as they had been several decades before. Today Serpenti watches are our first watch collection spanning from the trendy twist to ultra-exclusive secret watches adorned with fabulous gemstones.”  Whether you are investing in a modern Bulgari Serpenti piece or a vintage piece, it is a solid investment.  This is particularly true of signed vintage Bulgari Serpenti pieces.  Authenticity, quality, and condition are all factors which is why it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable jeweler who can assist you in carefully selecting the Bulgari Serpenti piece of your dreams!

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