Fine Jewelry Is An Investment

Fine Jewelry Is An Investment
September 16, 2018 Yafa Signed Jewels
Platinum Tapered Baguette Diamond, Emerald Ring

Platinum Tapered Baguette Diamond, Emerald RingBeautiful jewelry is made by a variety of brands and is available at a variety of price points.  But, not all jewelry is created equal.  Some jewelry may look nice on but does it exude the luxury and style that you want?  Will the money spent on that jewelry just be lost or will the jewelry hold it’s value.  And, will your jewelry investment appreciate?  Yes, when you invest in fine jewelry, not only will you have a stunning piece of jewelry to wear, it is also an investment!

What Exactly Constitutes ‘Fine Jewelry’?

You may want to make a fine jewelry investment but wonder where to start.  Is fine jewelry just expensive jewelry? Is fine jewelry only from certain brands?  While it may seem that fine jewelry is only reserved for special occasions, the reality is, fine jewelry is available in a wide array of styles that can be worn every day as well.  Fine jewelry is typically considered fine jewelry because of a few factors including materials used and craftsmanship.  Jeweller Magazine explains how fine jewelry is determined to be ‘fine’ rather than ‘fashion, “Tim Haab from Tasmania first poked the ants’ nest when he drew attention to the use of the term ‘fine jewellers’ in an article on Jeweller’s website…Sydney jeweller Kathryn Grey entered the discussion and suggested fine jewellery should be something made to endure over a long period of time…’To me “fine” jewellery represents the best in its class and has been made with precision and skill by a finely trained craftsperson,’ added Simon Grew another NSW jeweller.”

Why Fine Jewelry Is an Investment Worth Making

Not all jewelry is an investment that will appreciate so it is important to buy from a trustworthy, reputable, reliable jeweler and to choose the right pieces, as MoneyWise notes, “It’s not just what you buy but where you buy it that will determine whether the stones and precious metals you acquire will hold their value and possibly earn a profit or simply turn out to be an expensive indulgence….For the most part, though, to have any chance of acquiring jewelry that proves to be a good investment, you need to buy second-hand, which normally means vintage or antique pieces’…Anything signed by Cartier, Van Cleef or Arpels is particularly sought after because their pieces were of exceptional quality’…John Benjamin, an independent jewelry consultant and long-standing expert on Antiques Roadshow, says signed pieces from leading studios still have cachet today. Quality brands such as Cartier, Bulgari and Van Cleef are sought after, and Christian Dior is emerging as a significant player. ‘People who buy jewellery often need security and these names do provide a guarantee of quality,’ says Benjamin.”  For the largest selection of vintage signed fine jewelry and guidance on selecting the best jewelry investments, Yafa Signed Jewels can help you with your needs.

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