HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color
  • HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color
  • HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color
  • HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color
  • HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color

HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color


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HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Canvas Birkin Bag Multi-Color; in Brown with Tan and Navy.

This Hermés Birkin bag embodies the quintessence of style and luxury due to its impeccable design, craftsmanship, rarity and significance. As one of the the most iconic and desired pieces from the Hermés handbag collection, its value only increases. In addition, this particular HERMES 40cm Barénia Fauve Birkin Bag Multi-Color features genuine Barénia Fauve leather and canvas materials –  in brown and tan/navy respectively.

This bag features Barénia leather, which was originally used to craft Hermés equestrian saddles for over 100 years. Barénia is by far the most popular calfskin used in the brand’s collections, yet the material is rare to acquire. Not all skin can be fashioned into Barénia, and only a select few craftsman are able to properly execute the complex process that is up to par with Hermés standards. “Barénia Fauve” is a specific process of neutral-color tanning that requires a series of nine oil baths over the course of about six weeks. Due to the oiling, the skin is fairly water-resistant. Although Barénia scratches easily, it arguably looks better and better over time as it develops a beautiful, seasoned patina. We recommend regular conditioning as with all the calfskin leathers; but is highly dependent on your preference as it relates to aging and patinated leathers. If you can appreciate the perfection in imperfection, Barénia Fauve is a great leather for you. Color is neutral fawn brown as the name Barénia Fauve conjures. The bag also featured canvas in a bi-tone of tan and navy.

The Birkin Bag became an instant icon – introduced to the brand in the 1980’s and named after English actress/singer Jane Birkin. Apparently, Ms. Birkin had a mishap on a plane – when she tried to fit her ubiquitous straw bag into an overhead compartment. The bag’s contents spilled all over the floor, which made Birkin verbally express frustration about not being able to find THE perfect stylish yet practical travel bag. Ms. Birkin coincidentally sat next to the Axel Dumas, the CEO of Hermés . As complete strangers, they sketched the perfect bag together for the duration of the trip. One year later Mr. Dumas presented “The Birkin Bag” whose chic sophisticated design was also spacious for every day use.

The design has since been crafted in various sizes, and continues to be incredibly sought after many decades. The long wait lists to purchase the style added mystique in acquisition among admirers and collectors alike.

Condition is Pristine. This collectible bag includes dust bag, clochette, lock and key. Signed “Hermés“.

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