A Vintage Cocktail Ring Is An Investment Worth Making

A Vintage Cocktail Ring Is An Investment Worth Making
December 19, 2018 Yafa Signed Jewels
18k Yellow Gold Diamond, Emerald & Sapphire Ring

The History of the Cocktail Ring

CARTIER Diamond Emerald Eyes Panther Ring Vintage Cocktail RingThere are certain items that are a staple investment for any woman – a little black dress, a great pair of nude shoes, the perfect clutch, and a gorgeous cocktail ring.  Cocktail rings come in many different styles, with a variety of gemstones, and can be vintage or modern.  The Wall Street Journal provides some history of the cocktail ring that explains how the unique look came to be, “The term cocktail ring is associated with the Prohibition era, from 1920 to 1933. Illegal cocktail parties would be held in undercover locations: In speakeasies, or blind pigs, or tigers. Only the elite and wealthy had access to these secret gatherings, where the alcohol flowed and fashion flourished. Women, enjoying the clandestine nature of such events, would embellish their flamboyant outfits with grandiose cocktail rings. The rings were virtually a talisman for a woman who would “dare to wear.” They weren’t subtle—and the more outrageous and ostentatious the ring, the more unconventional and modern the woman was deemed to be. But it spoke of more than a Prohibition emblem, this right-hand ring was closely linked to women’s emancipation. After World War I, women began to assert their individuality and progressive independence…After Prohibition ended, the cocktail ring became established in the 1940s and ’50s as the perfect accouterment for elegant social occasions.”

Vintage Cocktail Ring – A Wardrobe Staple

18k Yellow Gold Diamond, Emerald & Sapphire RingCocktail rings have changed and adapted over the years to be more in line with current styles. However, the general appearance and statement that a cocktail ring makes have not changed.  It is often a bold signature piece that is sure to wow anyone that sees it.  Whether you opt for a high-end fine jewelry cocktail ring that is modern, or a vintage signed cocktail ring, it is often an investment you cannot go wrong with.  Not only will you love wearing your cocktail ring for a special occasion but it is an investment that will typically appreciate over time.  Further, if you invest in a signed vintage cocktail ring from a fine jewelry brand, inherit one as an heirloom, or receive one as a gift, it may be tremendously valuable!  Whether you intend to wear your cocktail ring for special occasions or to make a statement, or you plan to keep it safely tucked away as an investment, a vintage signed cocktail ring from a fine jewelry brand is not just valuable, it is a stunningly gorgeous statement piece!

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